Noughat (or Nougat, I suppose)

Finally, many days after Google announced the arrival of Android 7.0, named Nougat (sodding Muricans), my Pixel C has updated to build number NRD90M. Exciting times indeed.  Why so, you may or may not ask?

Well, the standout feature of the latest version of the world dominating open source mobile OS, is the ability to split-screen apps.  It’s been done before, of course, by Apple and also Samsung, on their tablets running customised versions of Android.  But now, finally, it’s available on the official, vanilla release.

So what?  Well, being a bit of a technophile, I was unable to resist purchasing the Pixel C, the first Android tablet designed and built from scratch by Google, featuring a full(ish) keyboard, USB Type-C charger and ‘multi-angle display functionality’.  Now, if you care to search for reviews of said device, you’ll find that opinions vary greatly.  Many proclaimed it ‘the finest Android tablet available’ while others declared it unfit for purpose.  Both camps made their judgements with reservations, with the main thrust of the arguments that the Pixel C failed to live up to Google’s claims of a ‘productivity’ device.  Sure, it had a great screen, the requisite apps to allow work on the move and a great(ish) keyboard that connects to the tablet delightfully and is rather pleasant to type on (albeit missing several keys due to space constraints). However, if you intend using a device as your daily, specifically for work purposes, it’s inevitable that the inability to view two apps concurrently, e.g., Chrome for research alongside Word, will cause frustration.  Many felt (and I agree) that the device shouldn’t have been released without multiscreen support.  Will all the reviews bemoaning its absence now be updated?  One thinks not.  Ultimately, we’re left with an almost year old device that finally has the software to allow it to fulfil its purpose.  I’d still but one though, it looks gorgeous, performance is smooth as you like and it now, finally, supports split-screen! Happy days;-)