5th Jun 2016 – Jack Black

On the day of Novak Djokovic finally completing his career grand slam after an occasionally hard-fought battle with Brit, Andy Murray, Google trends once again suggests, perhaps, surprising internet searches by us Brits. Or, looking at it differently, highlights how easily certain news (or a hoax) can sway us.

Today’s most searched term on Google, in the UK, is Jack Black, with a modest 200,000+ searches.  Having been offline for most of the day and having not seen or heard the news on the radio, I was unlikely to search for Jack black myself, as I was unaware of his apparent death (just 2 days after the death of the truly newsworthy Muhammad Ali).

Long story short, his TenaciousD band’s twitter account appears to have been hacked:

Jack Black alive
Official TenaciousD account confirms prank

“Jack Black feared dead” headlines quickly became “Jack Black is ALIVE!”.  It’s obviously sad when anyone passes away (especially at such a young age) but I’m not sure he’s a star who warrants such fervour.  Certainly, if I had heard the news earlier, I’m certain it wouldn’t have influenced my searches today!.


Hopefully order will be restored later (Google trends updated hourly) as people seek to read about how “brave” Andy Murray succumbed to the mighty Djokovic but, for now, the UK seems most interested in a man who hasn’t died.