Tuesday 17th May 2016 – Harvey Price

Haha, cracking top search on Google in the UK today.  One that triggered the oft repeated “broke the internet” claims etc. and surprised more than a few (kind of).

Harvey Price
Harvey Price tops Google in UK on 17th May 2016

Viewing the daily Google trends both entertains and offers an occasionally illuminating insight into the major news stories and trends currently concerning the British public.  Or highlights how low down the immediate interest level significant world events can lie in comparison to celebrity gossip…

Having spent very little time online today, Harvey Price’s breaking of the internet passed me by.  However, sticking his name into Google quickly revealed the reason for his popularity today (and caused a bit of a chuckle).

Here’s what it brings up:

Harvey Price
Harvey Price Google search 17th May 2016

Yes, poor Harvey has gained even more fame/popularity by uttering the ‘C’ word on live television.

This has been referred to as a ‘gaffe’, ‘dropping the C-bomb’ and Harvey a ‘legend’ and an ‘anti-troll hero’.  Surprisingly, perhaps, most of the posts, tweets and other online commentary has been positive.  Indeed, the only negative comments are directed at his mother, Katie Price, who many accuse of exploiting her son.

But, truth be told, we’re probably all exploiting him by searching for him today and revelling in what happened.  I’ve admitted I laughed at first (and still find it childishly amusing) but I think everyone will be full of support and admiration for the emotion and bravery he’s shown in indicating how he would/does stand up to the bullies who mock him.

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