All About That Base

Search engines fascinate me, both in terms of the algorithms used to rank results and the most popular inputs to the whole process by ‘Googlers’.

Given the above, my landing on Google’s top charts page on Google trends for the UK in 2015 won’t come as a surprise.

Google UK top charts

The page linked above contains several top 5 lists, arranged by multiple categories.  The top 3 (or the top 3 displayed) are “Female celebrities”, “Films” and “Hits”.

What caused my ire, though, and set the title for this post is that the fifth entry in the “Hits” list is “All About That Base”…yes, “Base”, not “Bass”.  The incorrect title of this “hit” appears in fifth place.  This tells us that more people search for this song mistakenly spelling bass as base than do the correct spelling.  Expanding the list reveals that the correct spelling doesn’t make the top 10:-(

I must admit, this does make me despair in the education system and the current UK populous’ grasp of its native language.

It occured to me, though, that maybe 2015 was the year in which anglers took to the seas and focussed on bass. Clearly, Google has confused those anglers and provided misleading data to search engine aficionados.

And number 1 in the “Where is?” category?  Well, it’s “Where is Mali?”. Clearly.

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